What if you are walking your dog down the street in your neighborhood and out of nowhere, a neighbor’s dog rushes out and starts a fight with your dog.  Your own dog pulls you down, trying in its instinctive way, to protect you by fending off the attacking dog?  YES you may have a valid claim against the homeowner’s insurance of the attacking dog’s owner. We have leash laws in the Commonwealth of PA-you are not allowed to let your dog run loose without a leash.  In the olden days (when I was growing up…) people let their dogs wander at will around the neighborhood to socialize with people, other dogs, and void on the land of others.  Neighbors rarely said anything or complained as long as the dog was well socialized.  However, we now have leash laws to prevent that occasional UN-socialized off leash dog who will attack dogs and people.  Anyone who allows their dog to run off leash in a neighborhood is in violation of these laws.  If their dog attacks you or your dog and you fall down hurting yourself (even if the attacking dog never gets to you), you have a potential claim for your injuries.  I see this kind of claim as much as i see a direct bite.

Many lawyers do not understand the laws involving dog related injuries.  Do not consult with someone who does not have a LOT of experience with these cases.  If you or your family member or friend have suffered from any type of dog related injury (unless it was perpetrated by your own dog!), call and ask for my FREE book:  The PA Dog Bite Book.  It deals with how such claims work.  There is no obligation to speak to an attorney and the book is not War and Peace-it will take you twenty minutes to read and is all business-what to do and not to do if you have a dog induced injury.  I am happy to offer this to help victims!

For more information on dog bite attacks order Worthington Law Group’s free book.

Attacked by a Dog and Injured, But Not Bitten You May STILL HAVE A CLAIM
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