Yes, insurance companies are trying to limit their exposure to expensive dog bite claims by refusing to renew or refusing to provide new homeowner’s policies for people who acquire certain breeds such as Pit Bulls and Rottweilers.  Some companies are limiting the coverage so that, for example, if you acquire a dog, and your homeowner’s policy liability limit is generally $100,000, you would only have $50,000 in available liability coverage if your dog bit someone.  Most people don’t know and don’t inquire.

Look at your insurance policy or speak to your agent to find out what your policy covers.  You may think you have adequate coverage but find out at the wrong moment that you are painfully uninsured.  This would mean you have to foot the bill for any injury worth more than $50,000 to a neighbor or the mailman if your dog should bite.  You will have to seriously look into this on your homeowner’s policy before buying that puppy!  Above all, train and socialize your puppy so that it loves people and other dogs.  It takes work but it is worth it for so many reasons!

Happy New Year from your lawyer at Worthington Law Group!

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Did you get or give a puppy for Christmas? It Might Become an Insurance Issue
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