The holidays are upon us and who knows better than your dog?  This is a time of large and small family gatherings in HIS house.  Who are these people?  Should I protect my human family or are these friends?  These are what I imaging to be the ponderings of a dog met by crowds of rarely seen family friends and relatives who descend upon your household during the holidays.  Please be very cautious-some dogs are not used to little tykes.  And little tykes tend to grab tails and try to ride Bowser.  Your dog and your family member’s dogs may be caught by surprise and bite or snap.  It is up to each dog owner to know the temperment of his pet and make sure there is always adult supervision when a dog is around a small child.  Dogs have naturally protective instincts and do not like to be surprised.  If your dog will be badly behaved, crate him during your family gatherings and prevent an accident waiting to happen.  Then after the holidays work on socializing your dog with some formal training.  Your dog is worth the effort and may be able to enjoy gatherings next year as a guest of honor!


Dog Bites at Holiday Gatherings
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