I love dogs. I have taken my dogs to parks many times including dog parks. However, now that I have been handling dog bite cases for over two decades, I cannot allow myself or my dogs into dog parks. First of all, you can never be sure that ALL the dogs in the park will get along with each other. In addition, some may like other dogs but not humans or vice versa. Dogs can become very protective of their owners in parks like this and catastrophe can occur.

In addition, how can you be sure all the other dogs (aside from your well-cared for pet) have had rabies innoculations? Entering a dog park is not like trying to get on an airplane-there is no security checking for innoculations. Even aside from rabies, other diseases can be transferred between dogs. Why take a chance on your dog catching something, getting bitten or YOU getting bitten or knocked down by someone else’s dog? It simply isn’t worth the risk, even though I admit, such parks can be a lot of fun!

If you need info on dog attacks and bites, call my office at 215-576-5150 and order The PA Dog Bite Book.  Do NOT call the insurance company or give any statements until you read this book or call to speak to an attorney with expertise in dog bite cases.


215-576-5150 or order my free PA Dog Bite Book online.

Dog Parks-a good idea or a terrible idea?
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