Did you know that if a dog that is off leash in PA is violating state law?  Well, technically, its owner is violating the law.  If that off leash dog attacks you or your dog, there may be a claim that can be pursued against the off leash dog owner.  I recently had a case in which a dog escaped its home due to the homeowner/dog owner not bothering to put a lock on the front door.

This dog terrorized the neighborhood by attacking all the other neighbors’ dogs. In one such incident, this off leash dog attacked my client with her large bull dog.  Her dog attempted to protect her and ended up lunging at the attacking dog, pulling the owner off her feet.  She suffered a terrible fracture of the elbow in her fall. Even though it was actually her own dog that pulled her down, we won the claim against the off leash dog owner.

This case was rejected by three other reputable personal injury firms-they did not know the law and were worried about all the costs that would be incurred. I was the final attorney to review the case and we obtained a very favorable settlement (before filing a lawsuit) for this client. These are complicated cases and you should speak to an EXPERIENCED dog bite attorney for a free consultation. Personal injury lawyers who are not experienced are constantly referring these cases to Worthington Law Group because we have handled the most difficult and complicated of these cases.  Do yourself a favor and have a dog bite specialist review your case.

Dogs that attack someone off leash violate the law in PA-do you have a claim?
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