If You and Your Pet Have Been Attacked by a Dog, Look at These Resources

If you were injured by a dog attack and your own dog or cat was injured at the same time, call Worthington Law Group at 1-866-644-2389 or go to www.worthingtonlawgroup.com and read about us.  Also, look at these resources for helping your

Ever Wonder Why Kids are often Bitten in Facial Area by Dogs? Read This:

Contrary to what you might think, it may not be solely due to the proximity of a small child to the level of the dog’s head.  Read this interesting article regarding dog bites to children. http://injuryprevention.bmj.com/content/16/Suppl_1/A172.4.full.pdf+html?eaf Click to order my

Dog Bite Prevention Week is Coming Up…

Dog Bite Prevention Week is May 20-26th, 2012. A great chance to create awareness! Click to order my free book on Dog Bite Attacks.

New Superior Court Opinion Regarding Issue of Responsbility of a Landlord as Intertwined with Liability of the Biting Dog’s Owner

I am always searching for new cases describing the PA approach to liability in a dog bite case in which the biting dog lives in a rented property. There is always an issue when there is a severe bite yet

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